BlogWorld 2008 Affiliate Program Now Open


That’s right. If you are planning to come to the show and you want to earn some extra spending money for Vegas, then sign up for our affiliate program provided my our good friends at ShareASale here. For every person you refer through the affiliate link on your blog who registers to attend BlogWorld you … [Read more]

Jim Kukral to Lead Monetization Track


One of the lessons we learned last year from the first BlogWorld & New Media Expo was that coordinating over 100 seminars with 130+ speakers is too much for one man to do. Don’t get me wrong we were very proud of what we accomplished with the world’s largest blogging conference last year and the … [Read more]

Blogs Receive More Clout Than Ever in 2008 Presidential Campaign

Presidential candidates began courting political bloggers before the 2008 nomination race even got started. Virtually every candidate hired bloggers on staff. Some successfully and some not so much. Many set up conference calls with bloggers (McCain has excelled here). Both the RNC and DNC are allowing bloggers access to the show floor during their national … [Read more]

If ARS Technica is Worth 25 Million What is Huff Po Worth?

Just about two months ago 24/7 Wall Street included ARS Technica in their 25 most valuable blogs list and set the price market price at $15 million. If today’s reports of ARS Technica’s sale to Conde Nast are true the price was actually $25 million. That’s a 66% increase over 24/7′s valuation. Does that mean … [Read more]

Blog Wars on the Jon Stewart Show.

Check out 2007 BlogWorld speaker author and all around nice guy Professor David Perlmutter on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Show talking about his new book Blog Wars. .

Are Traditional Magazines Unbiased?

And are blogs inherently biased? The answers to those two questions are no, and yes respectively. The recent Wired/Arrington dust up is just the latest in a very long series of charges and counter charges between blogs and traditional media. I am not picking any sides in this particular story. I read TechCrunch almost daily … [Read more]

How Big Could New Media Be?

I was doing some research this morning on the difference between ad revenue online vs. print for the newspaper industry. For several years now print ad revenues for newspapers has been declining while online ad revenues have been increasing at double digit rates since at least 2004 (earliest statistics from NAA). As The Recovering Journalist … [Read more]

Should Bloggers Blacklist PR Firms?

I agree with much of Stowe Boyd says in his post about PR Spam but I am going to be the devils advocate here and I am hoping we can agree on what I am about to say. If you are a professional journalist, or editor covering a particular industry or topic then part of … [Read more]

Gary Vee on The Big Idea with Donny Deutch

Gary Vee is just the latest new media guest on The Big Idea. Remember the episode with Robert Scoble, the blogger bus and BlogWorld Exhibitor Mogo Mouse? Check out the segment with Gary Vee here. Gary has his second appearance on Conan May 12 coming up and his book coming out May 13. On another … [Read more]

Sports Imitating Life

At least one Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Buzz Bissinger is imitating many of his MSM brethren in his opinion of sports bloggers. Check out this video from the Bob Costas Now program where Bissinger begins a 10 minute segment personally attacking super sports blogger (and BlogWorld 2007 speaker) Will Leitch from Deadspin. Costas starts off … [Read more]