Encyclopedia Brittanica Now Free to Bloggers?

That’s what Techcrunch says. Brian Solis had this to say: Britannica has just shifted the game back into its favor with the release of a clever and powerful new program, Britannica WebShare. and this: In Britannica’s defense, the content is indisputable and much more reliable than many of the topics I’ve struggled with over at … [Read more]

New Look for BlogWorld Expo Website

Please take a look at the new look for the BlogWorld & New Media Expo website. let us know what you think. Like the new look? Hate it? And please let us know if you find any bugs that we missed. Please give us your feedback in the comment section.

Blogosphere roundup 4.18.08

  Luis Gray says most bloggers don’t deserve to make any money through advertising. If you aren’t a techy you might not know what Alexandar Van Elsas is talking about. You see techys (and tech bloggers) have a unique problem of information overload. You may think you are inundated with media from the internet, radio, … [Read more]

Using Blogs To Build Traffic For Your Podcast

That is the topic of Scott Bourne’s talk at NAB. Here is the big take away: If all you do is build a blog and create show notes from your podcast you will build your audience. If you learn that one thing today then you will have gotten your money’s worth. Scott has several other … [Read more]

Bloggers Working Themselves to Death

The New York Times has a story today that suggests bloggers work too hard and cites two recent personal tragedies as proof of their claim. I don’t buy it. Bloggers are no more or less obsessive as a group than any other group of individuals. What I noticed about this story is that there have … [Read more]

New Media Rich!

Tim Bourquin from New Media Expo has a must read post up today. Here is a small excerpt: In the “old days” anyone who was famous in the media had the big bucks that naturally accompanied that fame. But these days, there seems to be a whole lot of folks that are “Internet famous” because … [Read more]

Extra Special BlogWorld Discount Package

Ok this is the first time I have come across Vic and his blog Bloggerunleashed.com. If this post is any indication Vic is one funny guy. Check out the video. Am I crazy or is this guy funny?