Now Accepting Speaker Proposals for the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo

If you are interested in speaking at this years BlogWorld & New Media Expo then please use this link and submit your proposal ASAP. Last year we had over 1,000 people request to speak and only 100 slots to fill.  In fact it was so overwhelming that we went to the trouble of creating this … [Read more]

The 25 Most Valuable Blogs

Do you agree with 24/7′s list?

Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way

Read Geek Mommy’s post on why she doesn’t follow you Twitter.

Links 3.21.08

Do blogs and other Internet news sources make the media less democratic? CNet interviews John Battelle. Chris Brogan gives a great summary of the new media tools available to businesses and tips on how to use them. The New York Times (yes that New York Times) has tips on how to become a successful blogger. … [Read more]

John Chow on Driving Traffic to your Blog


I just came across this YouTube Video from John Chow. If you ever wanted more traffic to your blog then take a look:  

links 3.17.08

why do we hate Vista? It seems Joe Wilcox warned Microsoft about many of the reasons before the release. More Chinese Internet repression. A Mac patch named after Rush Limbaugh? Techcrunch interviews former HP CEO and new RNC hired gun Carly Fiorina.  Congrats to Chris Brogan whose blog is working again. Technorati Tags: Joe Wilcox,Microsoft,China,Rush … [Read more]

When Will Old Media Learn?

To listen to good advice from people like Scott Karp, Why publish in reverse chronological order on the web? Because news is 24×7, breaking throughout the day. Which means that news consumers come to a news site more than once a day — checking the homepage is just a click away, and news consumers on … [Read more]

Ewan Spence Interviews me at SxSW

If you were to charge there is a certain amount of navel gazing in the blogosphere and at events like SxSW you would be right. The fact is when events like SxSW and BlogWorld happen it gives us new media content creators a chance to meet up with old friends, make some new ones and … [Read more]

Darren Rowse Interview at SxSW

Meeting Darren Rowse of Problogger was one of the highlights of SxSW for me. If you want to make money with your blog then you need to make a regular read. After attending his panel Online Advertising for Newbies Darren agreed to a short interview out in the all. Here it is:

Jason Calacanis is Right about Start ups.

lot’s of people like to hate on Jason and he loves it. If you haven’t figured it out yet Jason is a master of link baiting and this latest post is another classic example. I have only met Jason three times in very short and casual conversations. I have seen him give three keynotes. Two … [Read more]