BlogWorld Radio February 29th

Join us tomorrow at 3 Eastern Standard time and noon pacific for an interview so exciting we had to add another day to the month of February just to make it happen. Larry Genkin the publisher of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine will be our guest.

Is the Internet About to get Faster?

I hope so. Read this promising story from Japan. The rocket carrying the WINDS satellite — a joint project of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries — lifted off its pad at 5:55 p.m. (0855 GMT). If the technology proves successful, subscribers with small dishes will connect to the Internet at … [Read more]

Join our facebook group. RSVP to attend

Just put up the 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo event on Facebook this morning. You can RSVP here. And you can join our Facebook group here. We will be posting important announcements on both sites so be sure to check in regularly.

BlogWorld Radio 2008 Debuts Today

Join Jim Turner from One by One Media and me today for the first episode of BlogWorld Radio 2008 at noon PST on BlogTalk Radio.

How is New Media Effecting Newspapers?

How about inspiring them to be able to launch innovative new features on their websites within 48 hours? Scott Karp puts it very well in this great post at Publishing 2.0: The news business — and the journalism it supports — can no longer afford to wait for innovation to happen in due time. It … [Read more]

The Most Diverse Conference in the Blogosphere

This post was inspired by a Lena West post over at Lip-Sticking. Lena approached me after the Mark Cuban keynote this year and asked about speaking in 2008. (I haven’t forgotten you Lena). In the post Lena ask: Really, where are all the female web 2.0 rock stars? Well a lot of them were on … [Read more]

Fast Company launches Social Journalism Network

Ed Sussman president of Mansueto Digital (publisher of Fast Company Magazine) first publicly announced Fast Company was working on this super secret project during the opening keynote at last years BlogWorld & New Media Expo.  When Ed told my partner Dave Cynkin and I about the project Dave quickly chimed in that he had been … [Read more]

Should your business be blogging?

If you are a business owner, or work for a company that is thinking about blogging then read this excellent post by notable blogging guru and all around smart guy Dave Taylor: Finally, your bonus question is when to start blogging for your business, and I would say that the best answer is start writing … [Read more]