Foxmarks reveals its true nature–next-generation search

Having fallen out of the Firefox crowd for a bit, I missed Foxmarks coming onto the scene.  When I came back into the fold, for now, I didn’t really see the point.  I don’t really surf between several machines.  Well, seems that the real reason behind Foxmarks wasn’t just bookmark synchronization–it was building an index … [Read more]

Facebook, MySpace, Digg, and MyBlogLog are analogues for society at large

No this isn’t stating just the obvious, it’s stating something very important and perhaps profound in terms of how we perceive the Internet as an egalitarian place of knowledge and information.  Yesterday Jim, in an uncanny bit of foreshadowing, was comparing Digg users versus MyBlogLog users and mused about Facebook and MySpace: This makes me … [Read more]

BlogWorld Conference Program Now Available

Thats right the BlogWorld conference program has been published. We are really excited about the conference and hope you are too. Please take a look at the schedule and let us know what you think. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as we announce more speakers, but just to give you an idea … [Read more]

Exciting week-Yahoo shakeup, iPhone count down, Enterprise 2.0, RSS and Facebook

Gee anything happen this week?  Wow.  Rick and the team are getting ready for the conference and I got a sneak peak at the sessions.  Something for everyone for sure.  For my money I’d hang in the tracks that show you how to take these cool technologies and use them in what is now being called “Enterprise 2.0″.  Take Michael’s … [Read more]

Sharks are circling in the post-Semel Yahoo!…what will Jerry Yang do?

Soon after I wrote Monday’s post, the news that Terry Semel was out at Yahoo! as the CEO was all over the news (Techcrunch and Valleywag).  While there is lots of debate whether Semel was pushed or jumped and whether Jerry Yang is a temporary CEO or more permanent, these aren’t as important as what’s … [Read more]

Sick of the iPhone yet? Join the club

One look at Techmeme today and you can see that, well, the @#&*!&(#%_+$#@$ iPhone is swamping the news.  Me, I’m sick of it.  No idea when it’s going to be available outside the U.S., much less if supply will even approach demand later this month.  I love, however, this dig at Apple on CrunchGear: Apple, could … [Read more]

Xing and Zoominfo Work Together on Biz Info–might not be a great thing

 Remember how I mentioned a Xing-Plaxo rumour last week?  This isn’t a rumour: Zoominfo is a business information search engine that allows users to find news, updates, and business details about industries, companies, and people, with over 4.5 million unique visitors monthly. Xing, meanwhile, is a professional networking site that allows its members to meet … [Read more]

Are you excited about going to BlogWorld?

The Boz is flying high about attending the largest Blog Expo and gathering of bloggers the world has ever seen.

Maybe not the biggest news: Skype 3.5 beta released

You might not think this is big news, but you know whenever Skype releases a new beta, the whole application-based VoIP area gets a boost.  I live on Skype.  I have it open all the time and would gladly dump all my other IM clients for it.  I can’t, of course, but I like Skype … [Read more]

Going on a Safari for Leopards

The discussion of the week is still all about Apple.  Rather, Safari on Windows.  GigOm wonders why, I Cringely has the answers.  I tried to install it, but something ain’t working here in Vista land and I keep getting errors.  Frankly after three tries (two tries too many, IMHO), I’ve given up.  Not that important … [Read more]