Social Networking Puts People to Work

Looking for a job? Then read this post by Nadine Turner. Sure you can read the classifieds, check and all the other usual suspects, but if you really want to give yourself every opportunity to land the job you really want you would be wise to follow her example and put some effort into … [Read more]

Thank you Tris

Just a quick public thank you to Tris Hussey for the fantastic job he did live blogging the Web 2.0 conference for us. Tris landed some great interviews and may have the fastest fingers this side of the Pecos. btw if you ever need a blog consultant or need to find a blogger for hire. … [Read more]

I regret to inform you … my time is up

Well, it’s been cool.  I’ve got just five mins before this session is over, but I really need to head toward the airport. So … that’s all folks!

Last session … all media, all the time …

First, I have to tell you, I’m wiped out.  This has been a darn long week and my brain is full.  Thomas Hawk, Scoble, Chris Pirillo, and Jeremiah Owyang are on stage getting ready to tell us about the world of video blogging, lifecasting, podcasting, twittercasting, coffeecasting … okay I made those last two up.  … [Read more]

Is PR still relevant? Dead or mortally wounded?

PR 2.0?  Huh?  The evolution of PR practices to the Web 2.0 world … is it real?  Are they kidding? So what is this new PR … Jeremy made the point that PR hasn’t changed pre se, but it’s how it’s done.  All the panelists are talking about engaging people, being a part of the … [Read more]

RSS and Marketing

When you know 3/4 of the folks speaking at a session … you know you have to be there and you know that it should be fun.  I’m here in the RSS and Marketing session.  Niall is doing his intro, but I wish he had polled the audience to get the user level.  That said … [Read more]

My chat with Vidoop

 Yesterday in the Launch Pad portion of the keynote the startup Vidoop made their pitch for why they have a better way to deal with password … don’t have them!  Okay this isn’t entirely accurate, but really what is going on here is that we all have a ton of different passwords.  Heck we also … [Read more]

Joost it is TV

You know what … I’ve tried Joost, I do have to download the latest version … I think P2P is going to be huge. I think I’m going to get a little more coffee and chat with folks.  Oh do I have Joost invites?  I honestly don’t know!  Maybe I should check!   Technorati tags: … [Read more]

Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

Dan Faber is leading the panel, and playing the role of CTO/CIO of a large company.  So he put on Ross to give the elevator pitch on why would he want to or leave … Ross of Socialtext replied if you don’t get it, you’re going to gone. Matt of Google Enterprise Apps … second biggest … [Read more]

The new Topix, taking on local

Okay ad revenue is there, but the content on a local basis isn’t.  Of course.  They started with the traditional online news sources.  Okay, then look at bloggers.  And the point is there … bloggers don’t usually cover real local news (I don’t go to the local RCMP station to see when Pender’s been up … [Read more]