Getting Press at your next tradeshow

Rachel Meranus of PR Newswire has a good column at Entrepreneur magazine with some pretty sound advice on how to get noticed by the press at your next tradeshow. There are a few basic and cheap to free tips she left out. 1. Ask the show manager if they have a “new product” or “first … [Read more]

Quigo in the news

The NYT has a nice write up on Quigo today. CEO Michael Yavonditte seems to think the door is open to pass up Yahoo as #2 in the contextual ad market. “We are gaining a lot of share,” said Michael Yavonditte, the chief executive of Quigo. “This has become a multibillion-dollar industry with no clear … [Read more]

LA Times sees value of blogging

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed put up a very interesting post yesterday that includes a memo from LA Times Business Editor Russ Stanton: From: Stanton, Russ Sent: Friday, February 23, 2007 1:05 PM To: yyeditall Subject: Newspaper/website update, Ch. 2 February 23, 2007 Training: The staff-wide Internet 101 sessions will begin Monday, March 5, in … [Read more]

Thats right internet TV

CNN Money’s article today says Web TV is real, has lots of viewers, and is making some serious coin. major media companies, TV networks, and production studios are starting to migrate shows and movies to iTunes, their own websites, and other places online. “You will see an increase in consumption,” says Disney-ABC TV’s executive VP … [Read more]

If you were a teacher and porn popped up on your classroom computer….

What would you do? Imagine you know next to nothing about computers. You’re a substitute teacher for a seventh grade class. There’s a computer in the classroom and, knowing you’re going to be sitting there for a while, you ask a fulltime teacher if you can use it. He logs you in with his password … [Read more]

That mysterious RSS

Rick Klau has a fantastic post up at the FeedBurner blog today. Some interesting tidbits from the post: FeedBurner is publishing 604,533 feeds on behalf of 347,000 bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers, On any given day, FeedBurner sees more than 3,000 clients capable of reading all kinds of feeds, including podcasts and video feeds. Is … [Read more]

Why does the interweb make people mean?

This isn’t just a blogging phenomenon; you see it anywhere people interact digitally, message boards, chat rooms, MMORPG’s text messaging, etc. The International Herald Tribune ran a story two days ago examining what causes people to react differently and say things online that they would never say to someone face to face, or even over … [Read more]

Another blogger enters fray of Presidential Politics

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has announced he is now consulting for GOP Congressman Duncan Hunter’s Presidential campaign via TCV Media. Here are details from his post at RWN: On February 3, Nathan Tabor from TCV Media got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in consulting for the Duncan Hunter … [Read more]

Working for a newspaper starting to look a lot like blogging.

This was my first visit to Matt Waite’s blog, but if this post is any indication he is my kind of journalist and an exception to the rule. Waite is a staff writer for The St. Petersburg Times. As he points out in his post he isn’t a web editor or an audio producer. Last … [Read more]

Blog to the Chief follow up

Lawrence Bush the facilities and events director at The Dole Institute has posted video of the panel discussion here. I would like to thank Lawrence, Bill Lacy, end everyone else at The Dole Institute for hosting us and particularly Professor Perlmutter for putting the event together and moderating the panel. As for the bloggers; all … [Read more]