Another day another conference

But this isn’t just any conference or any tradeshow this is the place to be if you are in the tradeshow business. IAEM‘s (The International Association of Exhibition Managers) Expo Expo is the tradeshow and conference for tradeshow people. For a tradeshow geek like me; yes I love tradeshows this is a great 3 day … [Read more]

Web advertising increases by double digits for 10th straight quarter

Advertising dollars continue to pour into the intraweb. Still nowhere close to print, but phrases like “$638 million dollars in one quarter” and “23 percent increase over same period last year” gets peoples attention: Advertising expenditures for newspaper Web sites increased by 23 percent to $638 million in the third quarter versus the same period … [Read more]

The latest blogging for dollars story

is titled Going pro and it apeared yesterday at Until recently, there were two main kinds of blogs. Most of the 57m blogs in existence are personal diaries that happen to be online. These blogs have tiny audiences and make no effort to sell advertising. But according to Pew, an American research organisation, only … [Read more]

Why do you blog?

That’s the question of our first poll. Please take a moment of your time to answer it. The reason we put the question up there is we want to develop the education program to focus on the topics that our attendees will be most interested in. So please let us know why you put so … [Read more]

Webmaster World / Pubcon

Yesterday was my first trip to Webmaster World’s PubCon. Lots of great people, some interesting booths, great speakers, signed up a couple of exhibitors, but the highlight was definitely the Yahoo party in the Playboy fantasy suite. I would have taken a picture of the giant outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the Vegas strip but I couldn’t … [Read more]

Here we go

About 5 months ago I was blogging away and something struck me “there is no tradeshow for blogging!” At least not a tradeshow for all bloggers that I could find. (I produce very big tradeshows for a living). Sure there were lots of great events but they each addressed a particular niche BlogHer, the Blog … [Read more]